It was established in 1997 as a Sanchaiti hospital in Kandivali.

This unique hospital embraces the ideal of holistic health, where the emphasis of treatment is directed towards the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patients. The hospital provides diagnostic, medical, surgical and post operative care, using state of the art equipments. The hospital has been successful in providing quality medical services at very reasonable cost under the supervision of highly qualified medical professionals and management. The prime motto has been “To serve humanely and not being commercial in the name of charity” Thousands of critically ill patients have been successfully treated irrespective of their financial capacity.
The hospital has been from upgraded time to time including a complete revamp in 2017. Now the hospital has been upgraded with latest equipments like Cath lab, state of the art operation theaters, Intensive care unit facilities, Ultramodern Diagnostic facilities available 24 hours and a Beautifully designed boutique hospital which caters to needs of all class of patients. The hospital has back up of solid infrastructure, back up services, Caring and efficient nursing staff , Experienced & highly qualified Consultants & Efficient and Prompt Management with personal care. Hospital also provides 24 Hours all emergency services, Cardiac Ambulance services & Chemist managed by WELLNESS FOREVER.

We are very thankful to all those who helped us become a Landmark in Healthcare industry of western suburbs. We keep our Commitment to deliver highest quality of medical services to the residents .


It provides medical support to all sections of society with

  • Best Doctors
  • Standard Medicines
  • High Quality Nursing
  • Caring Staff
  • World’s Best and Latest Technology
  • Infrastructure
The Sanchaiti Superspeciality Hospitals represents the realization of dreams and vision of many people, but most importantly, the patient himself. Sanchaiti Superspeciality Hospital is delivering total patient care in an ethical and open environment with state of the art equipments. It is our firm belief that every person on Earth has the right to enjoy good health. We are passionate to raise the standards of healthcare to serve humanity 24*7 and deal with all sorts of emergencies with a dedicated and experienced team.